Du 17/mars/2021

Andrea Dovizioso aboard the Kronos 290 M

Roller Team has supported the MotoGP champion Andrea Dovizioso who, in order to get ready for the competitions, needed a versatile motorhome with a large maxi-garage.  His choice fell on the overcab Kronos 290 M, the motorhome designed specifically for those who practice or follow sports on an amateur or professional level.

With a length of 7.43 metres, this motorhome is approved for 5 people and can accommodate 4 for the night, but its special feature is the large heated maxi-garage with a useful opening width of 132x137 cm.

We interviewed Andrea Dovizioso after his experience with the Roller Team motorhome to hear how it went:


For someone accustomed to exceed 300 km/h with the bike, in the motorhome you have to adapt to quite different speeds ... What kind of driving requires this overcab? How did you find driving this vehicle?
Driving the Kronos 290 M was really a pleasure and a pleasant discovery. The presence of the overcab above the compartment obviously poses more air resistance during the drive and requires less reckless manoeuvres, but then again you choose the Kronos 290 M not for racing but for comfort, for its practicality and to make a trip in total relaxation and enjoy the ride. Motorhome driving in general needs some attention both when cornering and braking, a travelling home requires a careful eye and you should be cautious.

The Kronos 290 is an overcab equipped with a maxi-garage, suitable for sportsmen like you who need storage space for their bikes. It can also be used to spend the holidays, thanks to the well-modulated interior and the possibility of taking everything with you. What's the difference you've found between using it as a training support and using it for your holidays?
The main feature of this motorhome is exactly the maxi-garage. The loading capacity is off the charts and makes it versatile and useful for all types of use and crew. You can take everything with you even on holiday and it is useful for those who have special needs in terms of stowage. The space on board is well modulated and allows an excellent living comfort. In my opinion, the Kronos 290 M is an excellent motorhome also designed for holidays on the road.

One of the peculiarities of this vehicle is the extra-large garage: was it useful during training? Does the on-board living comfort suffer from the space occupied by the garage or do you think everything is well optimized?
This really unique garage is ideal for sportsmen like me who need to reach tracks or areas to train and have fun. With the bed fully elevated the inside of the maxi-garage can be 180 cm high. The dimensions allowed me to stow my cross bike and all the equipment I needed during training, I turned the maxi-garage into a real mobile workshop. The two large communicating doors on the two sides are very useful and thanks to the door communicating with the inside of the vehicle there are no limitations with the access to the maxi-garage. The cabinets inside the garage have also been useful for storing sportswear and other equipment, and the base with the removable rubber protector keeps the floor from being ruined. The interior is not affected by the presence of the maxi-garage, in fact the living room offers opportunities to relax and space suitable for the needs. For the rest then I made the most of the bed at the back by the really generous size.

Have you had experience with other motorhomes? What differences have you found with the Kronos 290 M and what is the advantage that this overcab offers over others you tested?
I've had other motorhomes, but if I'm honest, for a sportsman who has to carry around certain vehicles, what the Kronos 290 M can offer is incomparable. For an outing with friends, it allowed me to load the quad inside, too. It all depends on your needs, of course, but with 4 beds I see it as a more than ideal vehicle even for a family.

In addition to using your motorhome for your sporting activities, have you had the opportunity to use it for a mini-holiday? If yes, how was this experience and what advantages did you enjoy compared to a hotel holiday? What are the main advantages of spending your holiday on the Kronos 290 M overcab?
Of course I took the opportunity to go on a mini-holiday with the Kronos 290 M, the motorhome holiday is a holiday in itself. It allows you to go wherever you want and decide to change your destination at the very last moment. I like to stop at a place, get out, explore the location. Having my own foothold, where I can obviously stow everything I need. I would recommend a motorhome holiday to anyone who hasn't tried it, it's a great experience that I would recommend.

What would you advise the Roller Team group to add to this overcab to make it complete?
I would say that for its size and peculiarities this overcab is complete with all equipment. I thank the Roller Team group for this experience and for the professionalism.

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